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Newly Built Homes

The appeal behind a newly built home lies in the fact that it is new. Along with its modern amenities and energy efficient features, and the freedom to customize the house, it makes for a very enticing combination.

In the excitement to move in and start a brand new life in a brand new home, it is easy for buyers to overlook the key details that may affect them in the future. Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about buying a newly constructed home.

  • Don’t skip a home inspection
    Many homebuyers forego a home inspection because the house is brand new and they expect everything to be in mint condition. While this should be the case, eschewing a home inspection based on this line of thought is courting disaster. Get a home inspection to make sure that there are no potential or current issues. This way, problems are fixed before they get bigger.
  • Vet the neighborhood
    A newly constructed home is usually found in aneighborhood that’s still being developed. Often, these communities take a long time to develop completely. Check the construction timeline of your dream home and the neighborhood it’s in so you’ll know what to expect.
  • Don’t forget other options
    If you want a newly constructed home in an unfinished community, ask if there are available home units in the development’s first phase. Most new developments are often built in phases and usually the neighborhood in the first phase will have a more established feel. That means the landscaping is complete and grown-in, the streets paved over, and it looks like an actual neighborhood.
  • Carefully consider upgrade offers
    Some developers offer various ways to upgrade the basic shell of a house. They offer to refurbish windows, rooms, doors, and just about every part of the new home – for an additional cost, of course. It’s easy to get caught up in an upgrade frenzy and it’s tempting to turn your new abode into the model home you viewed. But do you really need all the upgrades? Don’t get pressured and take time to consider your options.
  • Clarifythe home package
    Find out what exactly you will be paying for from the get-go. You may start with a very good deal well within your budget. But if you want a walk-in shower, hardwood cabinetry, and fully equipped gourmet kitchen, just like the model home, clarify what’s included in the home package first. This may save you from disappointment.
  • Get a completion and cancellation clause
    Before the excitement of moving in sets in and the shiny trappings of a newly constructed house overwhelm you, it is important that you secure a completion and cancellation clause. This is for your protection if the builder does not complete the house on the specified promised date.

Interested in buying a newly constructed home? There are plenty of options throughout the Greater Austin area and we’d love to help you find out what your best options are here. Browse the site to get a preview of currently available properties and get in touch with us at (512) 777-1366 today.